Learning Outcome Competencies

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Learning Outcome Competencies

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The Adult Gerontology of Clinical Nurse Specialist Competencies which are The American Association of Colleges of Nursing(AACN) skills are a 2010 publication that outlines the entry levels for masters, Doctorate of Nursing Practice(DoNP) together with the Postgraduate which prepares adult-gerontology clinical nurse specialists(CNSs). Under this category is the Direct Care Competency which requires the nurse to participate with patients to enhance their lives directly. Theoretically, its primary basis is to holistically and adequately manage to nurse health and disease (Gay et al.,2009). Its population is composed of young adults, and older adults. In many parts of the world, through this competency, patients have been comprehensively and holistically assessed using both innovative and evidence-based techniques to asses’ illness and wellness of these patients. The role of a master’s level nurse is to; asses, obtain data, to screen, diagnose and assess the interactions of a patient. The healthcare environments to shape the competency plans to offer adult health care through educated gerontology nurses, accredit clinical nurse specialists, to license Advanced Practice Registered Nurses(APRNs).
With a significant aim of tackling the difficulties that future nurses may find in the field, The Quality and Safety Education for Nurses(QSEN), was established to encourage these nurses with knowledge skills a…

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