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Leadership Book review

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Review: Leadership Challenge
This book starts with a review of cases studies of successful leaders and the issues they had to overcome. It then outlines the five practices of exemplary leaders in the first chapter. Such a leader models the way for his/her subjects and inspires a shared vision among them. He/she also challenges the process to inspire change, enables others to act, and encourages their hearts. The authors also provide that leadership is a relationship, where the subjects look for certain attributes in a leader. They include honesty, integrity, competence, inspiration, and vision. There is a need for leaders to clarify the values they hold dear and wish their subjects to incorporate in their work. They also let their values guide the decisions they make.
The book also provides the need to set the example right and live according to the shared values that they promote. Sometimes, leaders fail their subjects when they dictate the rules and principles to follow and then completely disregard practicing them altogether. This book also points out the need for proper management on one’s time and attention as a leader, as well as the need to watch one’s language in business. The authors also provide that learning is a continuous process in which the leaders should engage daily. It also points out the need to consider the satisfaction of the consu…

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