Leader Manager role in change

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Leader Manager role in change

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NURSING: Management Roles During Change
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There are different change theories in the management of an organization. Since change is the foundation of delivering quality healthcare in the medical institutions, there are various circumstances under which the culture of a given organization influences the success of this process.
For instance, there exists a three planned step model for ensuring the change process occurs smoothly throughout an organization. The model relies on a theoretical perspective of reducing employee’s resistance during the change process. This process was engrained within my organization during a time of change. Luckily, the steps by which the process occurred ensured that the change process was well fit with the organization thereby yielding better results of healthcare in overall.
The first of these change processes was all about unfreezing, and the start of the process motivated all the staff since the concept was well resonated with accepting that the current situations were not satisfactory. All the members of the workforce were made responsible although in a way that ensured their knowledge of improvement possibilities. The second step had more to do with moving the plan for change forward. In this step, implementation of possible solutions was graded from the most appropriate which also ensured that all the members of staff participated in seeking them. A restraining force in the advocation for change …

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