Le Pen finds common cause with Europe’s nationalists

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Le Pen finds common cause with Europe’s nationalists

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Morris, Chris. Le Pen finds common cause with Europe’s nationalists. BBC News, 16 June 2015. Web. 14 September 2015.
In this article, Morris discusses the upcoming nationalists’ movements in the European Union this year. According to the research by the author, some people are opposed to the European Union (Morris 1). Although these people have theirown interests at heart, it seems that they overwrap with those of the entire region. Some experts, as stated by Morris, are of the opinion that the new nationalists movements are a danger to the European Union because they threaten to dived it along racial, faith, and ethnic lines. What is worrying is that these nationalists’ calls are becoming increasingly popular by the day as more parties and individuals are joining them. The supporters are from all countries that are members of the European Union, which is an indication that they may have a lot of influence in the near future (Morris 1).
Arya, Divya. Are Hindu nationalists a danger to other Indians? BBC India, 12 August 2015. Web. 14 September 2015.
According to Arya, nationalism in India is trending on a dangerous path. When the nationalist government came to power in the country, many people, especially the minorities have been suffering (Arya 1). The most affected are the Christians, whose houses of worship have been raided and even burnt down. The Muslims are not safe either, as they have become targets of abuse by the majority nationalists Hindus. The nationalist move…

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