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Latin American Art
Latin American art is the creative traditional art that developed in a different culture in America after the people in the area-encountered colonialist and gained some experience from them. The art originated from a different local culture that occupied the America even before the colonization. Each of the native society in the America developed a stylish, inventive control due to the influence of the religion and spiritual anxiety. The work of art that they did before the colonization is referred to as the pre-Columbian art. The combination of American culture and the colonialist culture has emerged to a unique and strong custom. The early history of Latin America tells more of the famous people, right places, and significant procedures. There two different society, Pueblo and Cherokee that are fame in the Latin American art that I describe below.
The two cultures had similarity that they would change natural clay into very attractive work of art. Both cultures dealt with the pottery work in their art work, and eventually improved their art after the colonization. The both cultures could also make different material using clay in their work of art. Both the Cherokee culture and Pueblo culture finish their work by use of decoration.
The three major differences between the Cherokee culture and Pueblo culture is as follows.
The early portly work of the people of Pueblo used the basket as a support in their work while the people o…

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