Language and Nonverbal Communication in Venezuela

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Language and Nonverbal Communication in Venezuela

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Language and Nonverbal Communication in Venezuela
According to a 2018 CultureGrams Online Edition titled “Venezuela: Greetings” from ProQuest, Venezuelans have strict rules when it comes nonverbal communication and body language.
In first time interactions, both men and women should keep a respectable distance, preferably an arm’s length, as a sign of politeness.
During interactions, Venezuelans stand closer as compared to people from the U.S.
During an interaction, backing away is a sign of disrespect in Venezuela
During first-time interactions, touching is highly discouraged in Venezuela
Having a direct eye contact during conversations is highly encouraged
In the book entitled Negotiating International Business which was published in 2006, Lothar Kartz – an international business negotiation expert states that direct eye contact is a way of showing high interest in what people are saying.
The practice helps to create a trusting atmosphere, especially during first-time interactions in Venezuela
The use of facial expressions and gestures is common among Venezuelans.
Propping one’s feet onto an objector slouching is unacceptable behavior in Venezuela
In Venezuela, hand gestures are used to emphasize a point during conversations.
While different cultural meanings of some gestures are acceptable to us in some cultures, they might be perceived as offensive in other cultures.
In the book entitled Nonverbal …

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