Lading in the Darkness and the Light

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Lading in the Darkness and the Light

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What risks did President Piñera face in launching a rescue despite the low chances of success?
The president faced several risks in order to rescue the miners. For instance, he put the lives of other people to risk when he allowed them to participate in rescuing the lives of the miners even though he had been told that there was only 10% chance of the miners to be alive and later it went below 2%. The rescue was also risky since the people who got involved in the rescuing could hurt the miners while trying to help them. It was also risky since the mining place was very deep and therefore it could result in more danger.
How did the miners demonstrate transformational leadership? Servant leadership? Authentic leadership?
The miners showed that they had transformational leadership since they were able to motivate each other; they were innovative and fostered creativity among themselves. According to servant leadership, the miners worked as a team without being followed by anybody, and they were determined towards their goals. In terms of the authentic leadership, some miners took the responsibilities to perform some tasks among the group such as being preachers, the creation of humor among others. These leadership styles they portrayed helped them stay alive during the hard times.
How did the Chilean president, mining minister, and drilling supervisor act as transformational leaders? As servant leaders? As authentic leader…

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