Kush Kingdom and Bantu Kingdom/ Compare and Contrast

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Kush Kingdom and Bantu Kingdom/ Compare and Contrast

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History of the Kush and Bantu Kingdoms
The Kush kingdom
The kingdom of Kush was established after the disintegration and fall of the New Egyptian kingdom. The geographical location of the kingdom was in the current day Sudan. Budka (2015), states that the kingdom was ruled by pharaohs of the 25th Egyptian dynasty, and their dominion lasted for a century preceding their expulsion by Psamtik I in the year 656BC. The kingdom was a classical representation that represented Africa’s earliest civilization. The kingdom was rich in gold deposits, and their capital was Meroe which persisted up to the 4th century AD when it collapsed (Budka, 2015).
Budka asserts that the existence of this kingdom impacted the world so much that the kingdom has been recorded in historical scriptures like the Bible, and Roman literature, which indicates that Emperor Nero was planning for a second attack of the kingdom before he died (Budka, 2015). The mode of production in the kingdom was enhanced by the presence of the strong administrative units headed by the pharaohs. Besides, the Kushites utilized animal-driven water wheel to enhance their Agricultural produce along the Nile as stated in Budka (Budka, 2015). The kingdom was also boosted by heavy mineral activities of gold and iron mining.
The Bantu kingdom
The Bantu’s originated from Central Africa in the predominant Cameroon forest as stated in Reid. Reid mentions that the heavy Roman empire activity in the Northern par…

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