King Ludwig II of Bavaria

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King Ludwig II of Bavaria

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Annotated Bibliography: King Ludwig II of Bavaria
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Anderson, Robert. “Royal Enigma.” The Musical Times 128, no. 1727 (1987): 26. Doi: 10.2307/964631.
In the journal article, Robert Anderson explicates the seizure of a valuable ship, which is full of treasure meant for the royal appointment. Throughout the article, the author includes information about the extensive archive of obituaries belonging to famous individuals before and during his time. The article is reliable and dependable having been found in The Musical Times journal that dominated during the period of its existence. It will provide more information about the culture of people in the 1880s.
Blunt, Wilfrid, and Michael Petzet. The Dream King: Ludwig II of Bavaria: With a Chapter on Ludwig and the Arts by Michael Petzet. Viking Press, 1970.
The book by Wilfrid Blunt and Michael Petzet provides a fascinating bibliography of Ludwig II. The narration begins from his time of birth, rule, and to the time of death, probably by committing suicide. I think the book should be extravagantly illustrated because of it very clear and readable in the long run. The information provided will be used to support the magnificently illustrated life of Ludwig II in other sources.
Day, Matthew. “Bavaria’s ‘Mad King’ Ludwig May Not Have Been so Mad after All.” Travel Destinations. February 6, 2014. Accessed October 19, 2018.…

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