Kids Education Center Business Plan

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Kids Education Center Business Plan

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Business Plan: Kids Education Center
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The Executive Summary
The kids’ education center business plan is a structured plan that aims at designing the working, objectives and way forwards of the incoming Venus Education Center. Venus Education Center is aimed at providing special education to physically challenged learners. With increased awareness of the importance of offering quality education to all kids, learners with disabilities have not been able to get this education. There are no many learning facilities that can offer this education due to the cost associated with it (Holmes & O’loughlin, 2014). The new business will come in as a way of filling in this gap. The main aim of the facility will be ensuring providing quality education to physically challenged learners with an end goal of making them equally capable of going for higher education that will land them professionalism and skills to compete favorably in the job market with other kids. This is what the globe is yearning for, getting all people a chance of learning (Darling-Hammond, 2015). The business will develop as a purchase of an existing educational facility, that is, St. Lutheran Group of Schools located in Alabama. The primary source of funding will be personal saving from the owners, The Carter Family since it was the idea of Mr. Steve Carter to come up with the idea. Additionally, federal funding from the federal government will also come in hand. The initial capi…

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