Key Steps to Integrative Negotiation

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Key Steps to Integrative Negotiation

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Key Steps to Integrative Negotiation
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Negotiation is a skill applied in life when certain situations arise that need intervention. This technique is usually used to resolve conflicts that originate over interests. Studies have shown that negotiations are among the best peacemaking strategies hence a way of creating satisfaction between parties involved in disputes.
The formation of unions generates from the free will of members who are interested in joining based on a common area of interest. However, these unions operate under certain fundamental principles. In the real-life situation, for example, the provisions of the national labor relations act are the guiding steps (Singh, 2008). In this scenario, therefore, a negotiation problem is readily identifiable since a matter of interest is involved.
The non-member of the union is interested in the help that can be offered him by the body meant to represent him despite his lack of commitment. This aspect poses a challenge regarded as a problem since a non-unionist is not expected to demand representation and pay when they know nothing about the financial development as well as for upheavals faced by the members (Moore, 1996). In the case above there is a growing conflict of interest since a non-member seeks to reap benefits without having sown the seeds.
Negotiation should get done in a way that is beneficial to all the parties involved. The success of solving problems th…

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