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In a general sense, justice may be defined as fairness in the punishment of wrong deeds and in the protection of rights. It is the quality of righteousness, equitableness, and a good moral principle. Governments, institutions, individuals, international organizations, and individuals have a standard reference for what is considered just and unjust. These judgments are based on a formulated paradigm of political and moral values. Even though the frameworks of justice may differ across nations and cultures, they have continually maintained a common ground that allows every human being to accept the definitions of good and bad, right and wrong, just and unjust. All great nations embody the similar pivotal values and principles that reflect their capacity to seek perfection in equal rights, opportunities, and living conditions.
Equality of rights implies a concerted effort by nations to respect and uphold the civil and political rights, as well as fundamental freedoms of all individuals. Justice also concerns elimination of all aspects of arbitrary treatment and discrimination of individuals based on gender, color, sex, race, language, religion, birth, social origin, or other status. These presentations reflect the most important forms of equality. For instance, United Nations has formulated policies that ensure the member states promote gender equality initiatives and increase the position of women in power. These policies have seen w…

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