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A journey includes developments to new places, both physically and rationally and the likelihood of experiencing impediments along the way. A film offers explorers the chance to develop themselves physically, mentally and sincerely as they react to challenges and take in more of themselves and their general surroundings. The film “Rabbit Proof Fence” by Philip Noyce and the novel, “A fortunate life” by A.B Facey give an investigation of changes in the individual experiencing an adventure. This paper shows how the authors use different dialect components and procedures to pass on the theme of the journey and how the novel and the film bring changes into the characters.
Imagine that you live in reality as we know it where you get cherished by your family, where you impart your youth mysteries to your dearest companions, and where you feel as though you are the happiest individual living in your group. All of a sudden, you are taken away by a man in bizarre garments. You don’t realize what is going on, or what is scariest: his obscure dialect or his spooky face. He takes you exceptionally far away, so far that you don’t perceive any area marks. ; your trusts of returning trust never stop to exist. You realize that there is no one else who can spare you.
In the opening grouping of the film “Rabbit Proof Fence”, the Perusers are acquainted with Molly’s family bond, her association with the Aboriginal enviro…

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