journal teachers guide to leading an IEP

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journal teachers guide to leading an IEP

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Teachers Guide to Leading an IEP
DateAs a teacher, I stand right at the center of making sure that the IEP meeting begins and ends successfully with tangible deliverables at the end. Therefore, it is my role to ensure that everything runs smoothly to achieve the purpose of the meeting. It is evident that the bus starts and as well as ends with me. However, I do not feel comfortable with all the responsibilities which I am required to undertake before, during, and after the meeting. The reason for being uncomfortable is that the duties are overwhelming and they need the input of a lot of effort and concentration which could easily lead to burnout. As a teacher despite doing all things right, I cannot get the assurance of having every stakeholder committing their efforts into the whole process towards the achievement of its objectives.
Despite having the capability to handle most of the responsibilities, doing translation would be hard for me because I am not a multilingual speaker. Therefore, this would necessitate the hiring of a translator for most of the languages. More so, it would be hard for me to make IEP copies for every family and its members because it would involve a lot of costs. However, I would request them to cater for expenses undergone in making copies of the same. Creating an atmosphere where everyone would feel that his opinion is valued would be my strength. The reason why I purport this as my advantage is the ease…

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