Journal Entry (Week 4)

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Journal Entry (Week 4)

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Journal Entry (Week 4)



Journal Entry (Week 4)
In the ancient world, art was used to represent different issues in the society. Many artists and authors have been seen using the images to give meaning or develop an interest in a particular topic. Such images can as well be used symbols for larger issues that the artists and authors may wish to discuss. The Venus of Willendorf is among the known models that have been in existence for many years developing an understanding of the early life of the population that existed in the ice age. The art can be said to entail the prehistoric humans and their way of life. According to research studies, the image was made many years ago, and it was the most likely portrait to have been carved by the hunters and gatherers.
The image is seen to entail a statute of a woman who has different features that include fat body and fertility. It is believed to suggest that the people in that age would have been highly desirable. It was designed by individuals who resided in a harsh ice-age conditions that modeled their way of life. It shows the oversized breasts that are meant to represent matters concerned with successful reproduction. The female figure in the image represents the way of life of the locality where the image is believed to have been made. Since the image was carved in the Paleolithic period, it has some cultural features that are significant as they represent the female characteristics that sur…

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