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For two weeks through my practicum, I had not experienced any case involving a psychosocial disorder at the Denzell Health Center*. Every morning the students attended some fifteen minutes orientation program before setting out for the matters of the day. On a fateful day, the head of the orientation program briefed the interns on the challenges and management of patients with personality disorders. Little did I know that I was being assigned to the case of John Tipper,* a 15-year-old adolescent who had an anti-social personality disorder (APD).
As a social work intern, I was supposed to meet Tipper individually and complete a psychosocial assessment form, contact close relatives, consult with outpatient providers, and organize meetings with family members. Halfway through the evaluation, I noticed that the patient had a dual diagnosis of APD and substance abuse. Patients with APD are characterized by impulsiveness, irresponsible behavior, and in severe cases criminality predispositions (Beck, Davis, & Freeman, 2015). I was in awe after identifying that the patient was a three-year addict of Methamphetamine and opioids. The patient was also out-of-touch with reality, portrayed withdrawal symptoms, and had three cases of suicide attempts (Ogloff et al., 2015). Although the patients were unaware of the cause, they provided corresponding information that could assist Tipper to recover.
After the p…

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