Job Design Practices

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Job Design Practices

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The Importance of Motivation in Job Design Practices
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The Importance of Motivation in Job Design Practice
When we speak of good design practices, we are referring to a critical and conscious way of attentively performing one’s tasks, as well as anticipating consequences for others. In this sense, job design practices are the ones in charge of keeping the interactions between employees and their tasks flowing. (Lauche, 2005).
There are four approaches to job design, in this essay, we shall approach them, and contrast their relevance in the worker’s performance. In order to avoid excessive citing, all the following design approaches were taken from Campion & Thayer, 2001
Job Design Approaches
1- Mechanistic job design approach. This approach stems from the scientific school of management. The mechanistic job approach emphasizes efficiency above everything else. Most workplaces with the mechanistic approach are likely to be staffed by any person with minimal training, and since the mental workload is minimal, stress is less likely to occur. On the other hand, employees tend to feel less motivated, and absenteeism is high among the workers
2- Motivational job design approach. The motivational approach comes from the idea of highly motivational jobs that can rend more satisfaction to the employees. Technical and craft-related jobs would be considered motivational, as they are rewarding and satisfactory regarding the skills use…

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