Job and The Pardoner’s Prologue

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Job and The Pardoner’s Prologue

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Job and the Pardoner’s Prologue
The Pardoner’s Prologue was written by Geoffrey Chaucer. In the Prologue, the Pardoner outlines his immorality, and ultimately the lesson learnt from the same. The prevalent theme in the Prologue is the effect of power in relation to evil. To be precise, the Pardoner terms greed as the cause of all forms of evil (Sutton 169). Similarly, the story of Job gives insight on the effect of power apropos of evil deeds. This paper will critically analyze the effect of power in the Story of Job and the Pardoner’s Prologue.
In both stories, there is evidence of Satan’s power. It is salient that God allows Satan to use his power to test Job’s faith toward the former. Through Satan’s power, Job loses his property and his children, and he also contracts sores on his skin. Job’s friends are certain that he must have committed a terrible sin for him to receive those punishments. Unbeknownst to them, Job’s suffering is as a result of an agreement between God and Satan (New Jerusalem Bible, Job. 1. 6-22: 2.1-10). Similarly, Satan’s power is observed in the three men apropos of the Pardoner’s Prologue. Satan is responsible for tempting the three men to engage in immoral practices. The three men open the door for Satan’s temptations thus like in Job’s story, God’s power allows the prevalence of Satan’s power.
Additionally, the power of God is prevalent in both …

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