Jerry Seinfeld Episode Analysis

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Jerry Seinfeld Episode Analysis

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Jerry Seinfeld Episode Analysis
Communication is a process which requires two parties, the sender who packages and sends the message (encoding) and the receiver who decodes the message. Communication only becomes fruitful when the message encoded by the sender, and that which is decoded by the receiver is the same. Otherwise, there will be a breakdown in communication which may result in various effects such as non-compliance with the required instructions. In the movie, Jerry Seinfeld, Season 6 Episode 8, there are communication breakdowns between characters. However, the most exciting communication breakdown in the movie that this paper seeks to analyze occurred between George and the car salesman.
Season 6 Episode 8 of the movie Jerry Seinfeld sets off with a scene in which George goes to buy a car. He had intended to buy a Volvo sedan but ends up buying LeBaron convertible. The reason he buys the convertible is that the car salesman informs him that Jon Voight was the car’s previous owner. Without seeking for further clarification on which of the Voight (Jon Voight the actor or John Voight, the periodontist) the salesperson talks about, he buys the car and after that begins bragging around about him driving Voight the actor’s car.
Undoubtedly, the main cause of the communication breakdown between George and the car salesman was George’s inattentiveness. Upon hearing the name Jon Voight, he does seek f…

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