ISM Case Study 2

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ISM Case Study 2

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ISM Case Study 2

ISM Case Study 2
The harmful software is an example of a risk associated with mobile phones. The owner may download the software from opensource android applications or files from the internet (Bidgoli, 2018). Secondly, a user may unknowingly subscribe to a billing text-messaging service. These services charge the user a specific amount of money every time they interact with the service. Also, a mobile phone owner may be coerced to reveal their personal information through electronic mails or text messages. It is difficult to determine the legitimacy of a link sent to a phone which increases the risk of phishing (Bidgoli, 2018). Lastly, malicious parties may use popular software to track the activities of a specific mobile phone user. As a result, these parties may be able to control the phone activities from a remote location.
Mobile phones can establish the location of a specific user even when they have turned off their location settings. According to Nield (2018), mobile devices have multiple sensors that can determine the particular location of a user. Application manufacturers use this information to improve the experience of the user, but they have the autonomy to decide how much of the data to log into their servers. Another way that mobile devices can determine the location of the user is through applications in the phone. Some apps like Airbnb can track the location of the user to get better travel listings for them (Nield…

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