Introduction______All Lives Matter

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Introduction______All Lives Matter

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All Lives Matter
All lives matter is a slogan developed in the United States in response to the Black Lives Matter campaign. The latter started when the media started highlighting the rising incidents of police shooting unarmed African Americans across the country. The black community vented their outrage in television interviews and peaceful protests. Most of them claimed that the law enforcement agencies targeted helpless Black American individuals. They raised the slogan to show that the lives of the African Americans mattered and that the police should stop killing innocent people (Carney 189). In response, the all lives matter campaign emerged stating that the police officers (especially those of Caucasian descent) risked their lives trying to deal with outlaws in the country and therefore they have the right to use their weapons when under threat.
The all lives matter campaign seems to oppose the calls of police brutality directed towards the black community. Many experts have stated that the slogan acts as a distraction to the real issue. Studies and investigations have shown that in the last few years, police have killed several African Americans in unclear circumstances. The all lives matter campaign does not seem to acknowledge that fact (Carney 193). It merely seeks to state that many other people in the country also face various dangers.
The all lives matter campaign acts as an avenue for racism and stereotypes. Some individuals …

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