Introduction to Politics Revised

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Introduction to Politics Revised

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Introduction to Politics
Question One
It remains now to consider in what ways a ruler should act concerning his subjects and allies. How men live is so not quite the same as how they ought to experience that a ruler who doesn’t do what is done, will undermine his power as opposed to look after it. However, that a ruler who needs dependably to act respectably is encompassed by numerous corrupt men, his destruction will be unavoidable. Subsequently, a leader who would wish to maintain his power must be prepared to act improperly.
Question Two
As per Machiavelli, for one to be viewed as liberal, they must spend sumptuously and pompously. The result of being liberal is that the ruler will devour every one of his assets in rich presentation. It is shrewder to develop notoriety for unpleasantness, which will prompt reputation yet not to scorn. This is superior to being constrained, through needing to be viewed as liberal, to cause notoriety for avarice, which will prompt reputation and to disdain too. Then again, a ruler ought to need to be thought tolerant, not pitiless. In any case, one ought to fare thee well not to be tolerant in a fitting way. On the off chance that a ruler can keep his subjects united and steadfast, he ought not to stress over bringing about notoriety for cold-bloodedness. A “good” ruler ought not to be just, but rather needs to work with realities.
Question Three
Whether men bear friends…

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