Introduction to Global Business Management.edited.edited

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Introduction to Global Business Management.edited.edited

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Introduction to Global Business Management
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International business has grown over the years into a lucrative expansionary strategy for businesses hence becoming a critical segment of the World’s economy. As such, more and more companies have ventured their operations into global production. Like any other business strategy, global production presents advantages and disadvantages almost in equal measure. Global production may open up opportunities to venture into new markets hence offering efficiency and an advantage on the product lifecycle management. It may also come with disadvantages such as microeconomic risk and operational risk. This paper assesses the essentials of international business with a focus on the strategies and controls. Also, it reviews the aspects of a successful expatriate; who are characteristic of international business. Moreover, it will outline the major categories of international markets and factors that influence the choice of the international market segments. Finally, this paper will highlight the critical issue of organizations using private Google search history for purposes of marketing.
Key Words: International Business, market segments, expatriates, global production, international marketing.
In this course, I have been able to learn all matters surrounding international businesses. In the current economy that is supported by huge technological advancements, many companies have opted to venture…

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