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Internship Essay
I am interested in learning, teaching and leading at Breakthrough New York because I firmly believe in and support BTYN’s Core values and practices. Being a Fall Teaching Fellow at Breakthrough New York will offer me an opportunity to fulfill my professional duty and aspirations of guiding the success of students by providing the required professional assistance. I firmly believe that Breakthrough New York offers the best environment for one to complete training and develop professionally in teaching fellowship programs. Working with a cohort of tutors at Breakthrough New York together with the program assistant will offer the best collaborative environment to help effectively teach a pre-written curriculum to middle school students and help them transition well to High School.
I believe that I am a strong fit for this program since I can demonstrate experience and results with a strong resemblance with the program’s requirements. As an intern at Catholic Charities Archdiocese, I was tasked with helping students understand linguistic assignments and help those learning English as a second language pronounce words properly. While an intern at ASA College, I guided students on proper writing skills. Forming a healthy mutual relationship with my students is one of my passions. I am Proficient in Microsoft Word and PowerPoint on both Windows and Mac systems and a beginner in Microsoft Excel. I am passio…

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