Case Study Drug Addiction

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Case Study Drug Addiction

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Case Study-Drug Addiction
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Case Study-Drug Addiction
The use of drugs has become an issue of concern among the youths today. Most of the teenagers begin using drugs during their preteen years, years which are critical in the maturation process. During these years, they find it difficult to cope with the authority of their parents and teachers while it is also difficult to discover their self-identity (Segal, Huba & Singer, 2018). Moreover, youths view the use of drugs as a way of having fun through getting high. Daniel started using alcohol and marijuana at the age of 16. He later began using methamphetamine when he started attending the community college.
Use of drugs has adverse effects. Due to the continuous use of numerous drugs, Daniel developed a high tolerance to drugs. While he stopped using marijuana, his alcohol consumption rose from 1-2 weekends per month to 4-5 days per week. Daniel justified his increased usage of drugs claiming that they made him more alert and that he would be able to stay awake. Furthermore, he later dropped out of school before then losing his job (Possi, 2018). Also, he experienced health problems such as weight loss, skin rashes and dental issues. He later got infected with HIV and Hepatitis C because of prostituting himself in exchange of drugs.
Attempts by Daniel to stop the use of drugs have been futile. His initial efforts to attend N.A meetings did not bear fruits due to the reoc…

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