International Marketing Plan for MacDonald

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International Marketing Plan for MacDonald

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International Marketing Plan for MacDonald
International Marketing Plan for MacDonald
Executive Summary
Getting in touch with the external world is gaining momentum, especially for Corporations with products that are appealing to clients worldwide. Therefore, the essence of internationalism of Corporations is to venture into the rich world market and bring competition to the local existing Companies offering similar products (Barringer, 2012). For Corporations like MacDonald, which has been commanded restaurants industry for close to a century, its entry into other countries has produced good results; however, there are still many countries that MacDonald products have not been experienced. To penetrate such new markets available in other countries, the elaborate international marketing plan should be dratted. Various modes of entries need deeper evaluation to find which one will work in given country. Similarly, the international marketing plan should evaluate the marketing mix strategies that are achievable. It is also necessary to create advertising strategies for MacDonald restaurant products (Barringer, 2012). Which appeal to the customers, bearing in mind cultural diversity as well as social lifestyles and economic power of international customers in different parts of the world. MacDonald is not the only Corporation that offers fast food services; there exist other local and international Corpor…

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