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International food fair

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Positive and Negative Impacts of the Food Fair Event
Positive impacts of the event on the host community are associated with the benefits the event brings. They can be traced from the environment, social and economic levels (Bretz, A. 2010, 13). In this case of event hosting, therefore, impacts are evident through socio-cultural benefits that are portrayed on bonding, the creation of awareness of food culture, community host pride and bring more sense of cultural identity with their type of food (Pad Thai Nodule). Through showcasing of the local culture and traditions, the pride of the community increases. This is one of the major benefits of event hosting in the community.
The fact that the host community showcases their culture to the outsiders will be of essence to the visitors who in turn feel and have a clue on what it takes to have a root of cultural belonging to the host group as the host depicts satisfaction and pride in their cultural history of food (Bretz, A. 2010, 16). Since the food fair event leads to creation in awareness and exposure to the customers (food fair guests) in turn will improve the economic situation of Thai food as they may opt to further their interests thereby seeking to adapt to Thai food culture. This creates an exchange in which food from Thailand will be brought into the country in which trade between the host country and Thailand will be enhanced.

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