Intergrated Care

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Intergrated Care

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Integrated Care
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Integrated Care
From the video, integrated care is an approach in health care whereby health care professionals form collaborations as well as communications about patient care to offer a more comprehensive plan of treatment for patients with multiple health concerns. For instance, a patient with both diabetes and bipolar disorder can get professional assistance for her conditions from one place. Integrated care can take place fully in one health facility. In case the healthcare professionals are not in one common place, then communication between them makes taking care of the patient much easier and better as they make consultations on the best option of care would suit the patient. The approach reduces the hustle of a patient with multiple conditions from having to book appointments from different specialists as they may sometimes end up not getting treatment for all their concerns (National Council for Behavioral Health, 2015). Also, the approach creates a wide network of different health professionals (Curtis, & Christian, 2012). Therefore, integrated care practice is the best practical approach to ensuring the different conditions patients are suffering from rbeing treated.
Integrated care is indeed a practical way of improving the general health of a patient. I plan to integrate the approach in a professional context to improve the general health outcome of my patients. I will make sure that as I am at work…

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