Interesting culture statements at Berkeley Haas revised

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Interesting culture statements at Berkeley Haas revised

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Interesting culture at the Berkeley-Haas
One of the culture appeals is “Confidence Without Attitude.” This statement allows people the opportunity to demonstrate their potentials without fear to the leadership especially when difficult situation requiring wise resolution (Jernigan 166). I am a confident person, who executes the thoughts of my mind without fear of committing mistakes. I understand that mistakes are ways of learning and has succeeded in leading the resolution of tough matters. As such, the “Confidence Without Attitude” statement can support my purposes in defending morality and justice in a reasonable and sober manner. I always view things positively and advocates for justice with positivity rather negativity and painfulness.
The second cultural fact that informs my interests in Berkeley-Haas is “Students Always.” This declaration demonstrates the centralization of “students” within the frameworks of the organization. The declaration means that the body prioritizes the interests of students. The “Students Always” phrase means that the institution urges respect and protection of interests of students. Institutions committing to respect the interests and values of students can address problems in a prompt manner (Ong n.p). In fact, such organizations can ensure sustained calm and security because of timely response and resolution of issues affecting customers (learners). As a student, I love sys…

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