Intellectual Property Rights

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Intellectual Property Rights

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Intellectual Property Rights

How can you protect your IT product or service idea?
There are several ways of protecting IT products and ideas. One of them is through the use of copyrights and trademarks (May, 2015). The other methods of protecting information technology ideas and products are avoiding to reveal too much information to the people who can duplicate. Also, they can use protection interventions such as intellectual property that are obtained to intellectual property rights.
What are the consequences if you do not take the legal procedure required to protect your IT product or service idea?
If ideas are not protected, then they can be used by other companies without any property right. The protection, patent application of ideas are free, and people can easily duplicate them without any agreement. They will also not quote and accuse other people of using their properties.
Difference between IT products and other products regarding legal protection issues
IT products are different from other products regarding legal protection. It is because its products can easily be duplicated by other people so that they claim that they own them.
Can such tools be used to detect borrowed ideas?
Various rules can be used to detect borrowed ideas from other authors. Turnitin is one of them that shows ideas that have not been cited by the user (Dutfield, 2017). Plagiarism refers to ideas whose authors claim to be theirs even if they have take…

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