Integrative Personality Theory

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Integrative Personality Theory

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 Integrative Personality Theory
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Integrative Personality Theory
Personality psychology is a field of psychology that deals with the analysis of people’s characteristics that make them unique and their variation between different people. In this case, the study is based on the ideology that everyone has unique psychological structures and their exit traits that can only be found on them and not on any other person. The study deals with building up images of the psychological characteristics of people, and their primary psychological process compares the variations between the psychological state and process before different people to determine the basis of human nature and what makes people different and similar. To come up with the analysis above, theories in personality psychology have been developed to examine the various unique and related characteristic between people with each of the taking a different approach to prove the difference and similarities involved. Indeed, each theory has led to the discovery of different results based on the variation in the procedures and mechanism employed. However, there still exists a similarity in all the result from all the theories. This paper will be based on the theories of disposition perspectives, humanistic, behavioristic, psychodynamic, biological, culture and evolutionary personality psychological theories.
Dispositional theory
Dispositional psychological the…

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