Integrated Task in Learning Second Language

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Integrated Task in Learning Second Language

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Integrated Tasks in L2 Classrooms

Integrated Tasks in L2 Classrooms
The world becoming a global village has made it necessary for people to be knowledgeable of more than one language. Second language learning is faced with a number of challenges with the main one being establishing the right assessment of test takers writing and reading abilities (Knock & Sitajalabhorn, 2013). The introduction of integrated tasks in second learning classes was meant to address the challenge of assessment among others that include test fairness, language support by content and language, and authenticity and validity in academic writing. According to Knock and Sitajalabhorn (2013), although the introduction of integrated tasks into learning has solved a number of issues, the lack of a common definition of what entails “integrated tasks” remains to be an issue in the effective achievement of second learning objectives. Due the fact that there is no coherent definition, not all forms of writing undertaken in an L2 classroom should be integrated tasks but rather only those that fall under the more focused and specific definition as proposed by Knock and Sitajalabhorn.
In order for a writing task to be considered “integrated tasks,” it needs to have a discourse synthesis structure of three sub sections including organizing, selecting, and combining (Knock & Sitajalabhorn, 2013). Organizing requires the consideration of the structure of the output material …

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