Integrated Marketing Management

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Integrated Marketing Management

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Integrated Marketing Management
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Integrated Marketing Management
McDonalds Case Study Introduction about the fast food chain and its product
Evaluation of the market condition
The fast food industry has been around for decades. In the United States, fast food chains have been in operation for over a century. The growth of fast food chains has been necessitated by the changes in lifestyles as more modern lifestyles have turned to fast foods as it is more convenient to their lifestyles.McDonalds, for instance, was founded in 1940. The basic fast food chain industry structure and operations had been popularized two decades earlier by the White Castle fast food chain company. The company was initially started as a restaurant that specialized in barbecue by the McDonalds brothers. Ray Kroc, a businessman, however, was responsible for the growth of the McDonalds food chain industry to the rest of the world. His aggressive marketing and expansion methods saw the fast food chain company expand to other states and to the rest of the world. Over seven decades later since the company’s foundation, McDonalds, is the second largest global private employer after Walmart stores. It has over 35, 000 store outlets worldwide as well as millions of employees. However, the McDonalds company does not own all the outlets. It operates the business through franchises. Franchising has enabled the company to expand fast through the world and has now …

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