institution report on commercial bank of qatar

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institution report on commercial bank of qatar

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Commercial Bank of Qatar (Report)
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I worked in the main headquarters in the Commercial Bank Plaza and developed a lot of insight into the various functions of the institution.
Mission/ Objectives: The bank is founded on a simple promise that everything is possible. It is a premise that is inspired by the sense of future possibility while focusing on the present financial needs.
Internal and External Organization
Internal Organization (Management): The Bank of Qatar gets managed by a board of directors led by Sheikh Abdullah, who is the Chairman. Mr. Abdulla Saleh is the Chief Executive Officer, and Hussein Ibrahim is the managing director. It consists of 9 non-executive members and 13 executive members.
Departmental structure: There are departments such as the Finance department that deals with financial reporting managing and accounting. The operations department incorporates Information Technology, security, and property services. The organizational effectiveness department is involved in performance management, talent development, and training; the audit department, marketing department and the risk department.
`Functional structure: The bank provides the following key services: enterprise, corporate and private Banking, Sadara privileged banking, printing cheques, deposits, corporate premium services, giving mortgage, investment advice, and insurance brokerage services. Since it is a Commercial Bank, it deals …

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