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Initial Reflection

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A Reflection of Reading Clinics Volunteer Experience
A Reflection of Reading Clinics Volunteer Experience
I hope to gain teamwork and relationship skills when volunteering in the reading clinics. Volunteer work usually is an excellent way of showing future capabilities to work with people closely and especially with the young who are facing dyslexia problem. Through relationship building, I would create awareness about existence of certain disabilities by communicating to parents and help garner necessary resources which aid kids with knowledge Acquisition. Also, I hope to gain knowledge concerning primary sources of reading limitations, to be precise on whether dyslexia issue arises from visual problems. In this way, detailed information will get obtained and communicated to the society, targeting to extend more teaching strategies to help kids avoid future learning complications.
A challenge that I anticipate includes ineffective communication during the reading clinics experience. The kids may become more anxious or frustrated and fail to cooperate with the volunteer team, from the fact that young people tend to fear strangers. As a result, it would be challenging to interact efficiently and resolve the prioritized problem. Another challenge likely to be evident during the reading clinics is co-occurrence of other issues along with reading disabilities. Kids could be having more than one learning attention problem such as Attention Deficit Hyperacti…

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