Information Security

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Information Security

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Information Security
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Shadow IT
Information Technology serves a critical role in the productivity of an organization. However, the increase in the demand for technology raises security concerns that may interfere with the information security. Shadow IT should not be encouraged because it enhances the presence of the security threats. Additionally, shadow IT prompts data redundancy hence affecting the storage capacity due to data or software duplication.
An organization can reduce the risk of the shadow IT by gathering the user requirements that enhance productivity. Creation of policies such as the cybersecurity policies can help curb the challenges of the network threats that may arise as a result of the shadow IT (Kadam, 2007). However, an organization should put in place an incidence and disaster recovery mechanism as a result of the increasing demand for technology.
Data Governance
Organization’s data is a critical asset for the decision making aspect for a competitive advantage. The data storage may be affected due to the expansion of the structure thus requiring large data repositories. Provision of data backups is a crucial aspect to consider while collecting the organization’s data. However, the issue of firewalls and presence of the intrusion detectors can help to address the network risks that may affect data integrity as well as its availability. The system users should be involved during the data collection sess…

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