Informally Deviant Group in Contemporary U.S

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Informally Deviant Group in Contemporary U.S

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Informally Deviant Group in Contemporary U.S
From a sociological perspective, informal deviance relates to actions or conduct that both go against the social norms and the guidelines that have gotten raised formally and are also going against social norms in an informal way (Boundless N.pag). For this essay, I select the Crips as the informal deviance group in the U.S.
The Crips initially served as a social group. It began as a grassroots organization comprising of African Americans that were responding to killings, jailing and arrests of much black youth by authorities (Grinnell College N.pag). Theirs was resistance and justice in times of hopelessness for the blacks but later turned violent with bloodshed.
The media has the played the role of how the new members joined the group. The press initially displayed the Crips negatively with murder, violence, and theft (Grinnell College N.pag). That reshaped the perception of Crips and many became interested in joining the group to benefit from the activities. As the number of members increased, the group changed from being productive to a disastrous gangster. The labeling theory fits the Crips group. The media shifted and exaggerated the group’s intentions. It sends the information that the oppressed community members are dangerous that has gotten implanted in the society and the minds of the oppressed.
Deviance equally plays roles that may be of importance to society. It helps…

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