Inequality/College/The American Dream II

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Inequality/College/The American Dream II

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Both Krugman and McClelland are arguing about inequality that exists in American society today. Krugman in his book explains how bias can negatively impact the society. The middle and lower class citizens are stagnant economically due to poor conditions facing them that are brought by inequality (Coca, 2012). Krugman said that “The United States will never again be as wealthy as it was in the 1950s and ’60s. Never again will 18-year-olds graduate directly from high school to jobs that pay well enough to buy a house and support a family,” (Krugman, 2009, p. 587). On the other hand, McClelland uses the story of two young couples to show how inequality can affect our lives. Despite the two couples having a quality education, they earn less than ordinary employees.
According to McClelland, the middle class is disappearing. This is because, today, one would not get jobs right after graduating from college. Today it requires more education to get that low paying jobs that were done without any knowledge in the past (Coca, 2012). Even with a high level of education, one would not get a better job that would help in sustain family. The above factor is crucial for most people out there who are either in school or just graduated and for me too. The current condition does not encourage us to go to strive in life in the hope of getting a better life in the future. In his book he said that “The fact is that vast, income inequality inevi…

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