Industrial Revolution

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Industrial Revolution

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The paper describes a lot of issues affecting people at the start of the industrial revolution. There is evidence of the happenings that the writer describes at length. The paper shows the different things that come with industrialization. One thing that stands out is the fact that there was improved technological advancements. This is seen by the presence of publishing equipment which was greatly used by the locals. During this period 1676-1772, the people heavily relied on print media for information. This is seen to enhance the flow of information from one individual to another and had a definite motive of teaching readers the wages of sin.
The use of printing medium can, however, be grasped as a double-edged sword it has brought about quite a lot of corruption during, that time. This is evidenced by the Ordinaries who required bribes to publish words that a particular convict had stated. Otherwise, they would publish words suiting the specific situation that is in progress.
This also gave rise to increased competition and rivalry as different groups such as the such as the Catholics, Jews, and Methodists all had different views on how things were conducted during that period in life (“Background – Ordinary’s Accounts: Biographies of Executed Convicts (OA) – London Lives”). However, it is argued that most of the details that are being used were real-life accounts as described people themselv…

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