Industrial/organizational psychologists

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Industrial/organizational psychologists

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Industrial Psychology
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Industrial Psychology
Industrial Psychology is an emerging field of practice, oriented towards the study of behavioral patterns in employees about the job environment. The specialty of practice has been recognized and acknowledged by the American Psychiatric Association. The principle of practice pivots around the psychological health of a worker about the task and the ambiance of the work environment. Industrial psychologists are recruited by various organizations to increase productivity at workplace. They practice under different domains and work holistically for the mental well-being of a worker (Borman, 2003).
The basic framework of Industrial psychologists is to ensure that the “task fits the worker.” An employee in the workplace is subjected to various kinds of physical and mental stress. Physical stress arises from incompatible machine design, poor work design, and inappropriate shift schedules. Psychological constraints occur due to the employer-employee relationship, the demand of job, incompatible machine design and controls which impose stress on the worker, lack of motivation and monotony on the job. Therefore, industrial psychologists work towards optimizing such factors, which ensures or increases the productivity of individuals in the industry (Borman, Ilgen & Klimoski, 2003).
The methodology employed by industrial psychologists includes assessment of the demand for …

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