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How Intellectual Disabilities affects the following:
Rate of Learning.
Recent studies have shown that the children who are undergoing difficulties in their mental state tend to be much slower than their counterparts who have no learning disabilities. It takes an average of two to three times for a child without disabilities to comprehend an action. But for a child with disabilities it may tale a longer time with an estimate of twenty to thirty times the normal rate of learning. Research has proven that as long as children with mental disabilities are given opportunities to perform challenges may work for them beneficially.
Children with mental disabilities have a problem with memory loss which is more often than that in children without this impairment. Grasping at some knowledge of self reliance is crucial and considering that the span of memory shortage in these children is higher than in children without mental impairment, children with mental illnesses are taught to rehearse the basic skills of self reliance so as to be dependent of themselves.
Most children with mental disabilities tend to have a low concentration of attention in most if not all the tasks handed to them. This is because they feel that failure is part of their routine and thus they rely on others to help them correct themselves. To learn how to accept failure is what the students are taught so as to be able to ca…

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