In search for the man who broke my neck ted talk

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In search for the man who broke my neck ted talk

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In search for the man who broke my neck ted talk: Rhetorical Analysis
Most people in both the developing and developed countries in the world have not understood and appreciated the importance of the meaning of forgiveness. Recognizing the critical importance of apologies, anger unhappiness and forgiveness in the typical day to day life is vital for harmonious and fulfilling interactions (Kendall 27). Saying sorry shouldn’t be taken as a request to be seen as weak, to be further humiliated or be jeered. While there is a common belief that giving an apology or forgiving can be used to cause harm, injure, and degrade the status of the oppressor, a closer look reviews that forgiveness contributes immensely to fast healing, coming to terms with circumstances, enhancing interpersonal relations and moving forward.
Forgiveness is perceived differently by people even though it is a virtue. It is true that some people view particular actions as signs of forgiveness while others do not meet the forgiveness threshold. There are also people who believe that issuing apologies and forgiving wrongdoers encourage them to do the ills repeatedly (Kendall 35). For example, from Joshua’s talk, it is clear that forgiveness is subjective and that forgiving can carry a variety of meanings. To some, acknowledging and accepting apologies can be viewed as forgiveness.
The talk also sets out two different types of people. On the one hand is Joshua and A…

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