Imperialists Rise To Globalism (See Instructions)

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Imperialists Rise To Globalism (See Instructions)

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Imperialists Rise to Globalism
Imperialism can be termed as a strategy used to reign over people politically or economically in a manner that deprives them of their freedom to make crucial decisions. The USA has been known to be one of the most influential countries in the whole world. The state has a far-reaching effect on other nations when it comes to culture, technology, fashion, and business trends. It is evident that America earned such significant influence on other governments through American Imperialism (Olson-Raymer). This imperialism was slightly different from the colonialism of early republics. Contrary to European colonial that sought an empire for glory or gold the US sought a market for industries products. They aimed at acquiring access to overseas market instead of politically controlling markets.
As per earlier philosophies of merchants, nations eyed colonies that would be marketed for their finished goods as well as a source of raw materials. However, American Imperialists wanted establishments that aided in keeping foreign markets open and accessible. For instance, the Philippines was of great significance to America since despite its large population the island allowed the US to have a naval base through which it could protect its business interests in Japan and China. Imperialists such as McKinley were boldly against all attempts of forgoing the Philippines (Reiman). He had solid reasons to support his stand as he bel…

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