Impact of Addiction on Families

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Impact of Addiction on Families

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Impact of addiction on families
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Addiction can be considered an ill condition in which a person engages in the use of a substance or continuously engages in behavior for which the effects compels the person to use the material despite the looming consequences consistently. Addiction entails the use of an element ranging from alcoholic substances to inhalants. It can also include gambling. Addiction has the likelihood of being accompanied by mental health disorders including depression and anxiety. Substance use among individuals not only infect them directly but also to affects the people around them, people that are addicted however do not even realize the massive consequences the substance is causing them physically or mentally. Substance use or addiction makes the users (older adults) lose control over their resources and this in most cases result in a ruptured relationship with families.
According to Ries (2009), It is accurate to claim that family members are usually affected by the addictive nature of their loved one especially the older adults. Prolonged use of alcohol among the parents typically affect the kids as they are always afraid of losing their parents. Alcohol when used for a more extended period due to addiction results in poor health which in most cases may lead to eventual death. Before an addict dies, he suffers mental health which is a painful experience that may accelerate the ultimate end. Addiction has effects…

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