I AM The Bread of Life

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I AM The Bread of Life

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“I am the bread of life” is a popular statement among Christians that depicts the episode of Jesus when he fed the multitude of followers. The episode details the life of Jesus and his power as it appears in the Gospel of John 6:22-59. The statement or phrase has immense significance to Christians and religious leaders in the world. It gives them hope for the future and affirmation that they serve a living God. The episode also affirms that they have a true provider that is always standing by their side. The bread of life means according to some translation, the provider of life, the redeemer and the way to God. It shows the power of God that is beyond reproach and the influence of God in the spiritual development of humanity.
According to, Gods power is real and effective. He uses his power when necessary and appropriate to protect and secure his people. This happens in times of need, sorrow, and happiness. For instance, the events preceding the episode that is termed the bread of life is a true manifestation of God’s concern for the welfare of his disciples. They were suffering from hunger at a time when ordinarily food was not available that could serve them all. Jesus through his father multiplied the food, and everyone got satisfied in the multitude. This paper provides in-depth information about the phrase bread of life that depicts Jesus mighty power while on earth. It covers the events tha…

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