Hypothesis Testing

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Hypothesis Testing

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Mean Number of Defective Flash Drives
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The ability to make operational assumptions is essential for a business. It helps the administrators to estimate expenditure and therefore determine the viability of a business (Advani, 2017). For the business in question, the number of defective flash drives in important because they cannot be sold and thus affect the marginal profits of a business. According to the manager, the maximum number of defective flash drives is 7. To ascertain the truth of this claim, the hypothesis is tested using t-test analysis (“What is a test statistic?”, 2017).
H0, t <7, the null hypothesis states that the number of defective flash drives is at most seven
The alternative hypothesis usually negates the null hypothesis (Taylor, 2017). For this reason in this case;
Ha, t>7 or the number of defective flash drives is higher than seven.
To conduct this analysis, the QI Macros for Excel were used. QI Macros are a cheap and straightforward excel add-in that can be used to carry out multiple statistical analyses. According to the software, the following results were established:
t-Test 1-sample Test Mean 7 Confidence 0.95 n 30 Average 7.033333333 Test Stdev p 1-sample Stdev StDev 1.376736104 1.376736104 0.930 SE Mean 0.251356473 T -0.132613785 TInv 2.045229642 p – One-sided 0.447707362 Cannot Reject Null Hypothesis because p > 0.05 (Means are the same)
p – two-sided 0.895414724 Cannot Reject Null Hypothe…

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