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Human Resources Admission Essay

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Job Descriptions and Employee Training and Development
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Job Descriptions and Employee Training and Development
How the Joint Commission influences HR function
The Joint Commission has influenced the documentation function of HR to a significant extent, through providing standard requirements for candidate verification. Primary Source Verification (PSV) is required to confirm an individual’s registration to practice or whether they possess a valid license, in case this is required by law (Joint Commission, 2018). In this respect, it is the duty of the attributed organization to document the PSV details and not the individual. According to the Joint Commission (2018), the organization must conduct primary verification by way of direct correspondence with the individual, telephone verification, data from credentials verification organizations, or electronic verification from an original source of qualifications. This means that organizations cannot merely keep a record of the license copy but also substantially verify its validity.
Training method recommendation for a healthcare organization
The most appropriate employee training method for a healthcare organization is on-job-training (OJT). This is an approach where employees are trained in the process of working, such that they directly gain knowledge and skills about the job. On-job-training utilizes a combination of explanation, observation and practice, such that the trainee can …

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