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Human Resource revised

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The Working Conditions in Sweatshops
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The Working Conditions in Sweatshops
Question 1
The school has four exclusive mainstream classes that are industrial relation, economics and human resource management schools. Additionally, the entire labor issue is known to be the existing domineering and exploitative aspect of the staff relationship (Budd, 2017). Hence, the entire concept of economics school offers a solution to labor issue that is currently found in the free-market competition.
Consequently, this implies that their employees should have a wide range of employers to choose from in the event that they decide to quit their jobs due to poor employment relationships. The human resource management school provides the solution as the existence of a good management system. The presence of a proper management system will help in improving the relationship between the employers and employees. On the other hand, the industrial relations school provides a solution to that of increasing the bargaining power of workers that can be done through the formation of independent labor unions. The critical industrial relations offer the solution to be the alteration of the capitalist system.
Question 2
The working conditions in the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory were poor. Hence, this is because the workers worked for long hours and their wages were low. In addition to that, the conditions in which they worked were unhealthy thus their safety was…

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