Human Development

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Human Development

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Human Development / Observations
The Peer Group (Chapter EIGHT)
Chapter 8 addresses the effects of peer pressures from age mates and people around the child. There are classifications of children according to their behaviors and how they have been brought up. The children need the society and the surrounding to learn from hence their peers
Describe the types of children you observe: Popular:( prosocial OR assertive), aggressive-rejected, withdrawn-rejected, neglected, bystander (according to the description in your text, pg.305) How do you know?
The children in this school have mixed characteristics where they share some behaviors and others differ sharply. I have observed the children during their short brake where they exhibit different characteristics like aggressiveness, calm, and others mixed reactions. There are like four categories of students that can be observed from this arrangement. The first class is calm and seems to be withdrawn-rejected. These students are standing at strategic places alone, either doing their thinks like eating or playing little with their toys. The children are not playing and not talking much. Occasionally, some active students would pull them and disturb them, upon which they reply by resulting to defense by slapping, abusing, or shrugging them off.
Another category is of students who are active and popular in their activities. They shout loudest and other children in the field call their names. …

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