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human body autopsy

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6th December 2015
Procedure of Autopsy
An autopsy is the mechanism of study of tissues from a dead organism. This method is employed during post-mortem studies to evaluate the cause of death of a human being. The procedure of autopsy includes a careful examination of the external morphology of the body and then the removal of all internal organs like the thoracic, abdominal and pelvic organs from the body. The procedure of unrestricted autopsy is done by the following steps.
Before dissection of the body parts thorough examination should be carried out on the external features of the dead body. Photographs and sketches must be used and the investigation should aim to find out the scars, open wounds, placement of intravenous catheters and insertion of endo-tracheal tubes must be noted (Roulson, Benbow, & Hasleton 551-9)
The personal belongings that are found in the anatomical location of the deceased person should be noted and entered in a case book. Before the cultures are done, the body should be checked for pneumothorax, air or fat emboli. Before opening the chest cavity, the examination of pneumothorax should be ensured. To test for the presence of pneumothorax, a perforation must be made in the chest cavity or the thorax. The effusions may be detected by the presence and escape of air bubbles after such perforations are done. The detection of fat emboli is done by isolating a fresh sample of b…

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